What Are Jobs That Don't Require Math?

Library-science Teacher, Postsecondary.

What are the different types of postsecondary teachers?

Postsecondary teachers specialize in a variety of subjects and fields. The professors at colleges and universities are grouped into departments that specialize in their degree field.

How does a postsecondary teacher use the Internet?

postsecondary teachers work for online universities They use the Internet to present lessons, to assign and accept students' work, and to participate in course discussions.

Is the number of postsecondary teachers going to increase?

The employment of postsecondary teachers is projected to increase, but it will vary by field. The employment of health specialties teachers is projected to grow by 23 percent over the next decade, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Dental Hygienist

What is the best degree to become a dental hygienist?

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Bachelor of Science in Allied Health are both accredited programs that will allow you to earn a degree as a dental hygienist in the United States.

How hard is it to become a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienists learn a lot about dental care and procedures because they work closely with dentists. You need an associate's degree to become a dental hygienist. The licensing exam for dental hygienists is administered by their state.

Why do people want to become a dental hygienist?

Helping their patients lead healthier lives is what people choose to become dental hygienists. Provide service to others. A flexible lifestyle is what you should enjoy. Patients should be educated about the importance of oral health. An Associate degree will help you earn a competitive salary.

Philosophy And Religion Teacher, Postsecondary

How do you become a philosophy and religion teacher?

Postsecondary teachers who teach philosophy and religion are required to have a PhD degree in their field. A master's degree is enough for some postsecondary teachers.

What degree do I need to teach philosophy?

You must complete a doctorate in philosophy to get a bachelor's degree. While you pursue your degree. You can get practical teaching experience through teaching assistant positions by taking courses related to the subject and different schools of philosophy.

How do I become a religious teacher?

Most schools require religion teachers to have a degree in theology. Some employers prefer a master's degree, while others may require a teachingcredential.

Transportation Vehicle, Equipment, And Systems Inspector

What skills are needed to be a transportation inspector?

The job duties of transportation inspectors vary depending on the means of transportation they work with. They need to have patience, an understanding of mechanics, an eye for detail, and the ability to handle dangerous situations.

What does a route inspector do?

To ensure compliance with regulations and laws governing health, quality, and safety, inspectors inspect agricultural commodities, processing equipment, and facilities.

What skills do you need to be a transportation engineer?

Knowledge of intelligent transportation and traffic management systems. Knowledge of traffic operations. Knowledge of engineering office practices. Design engineering projects can be made with the ability to make mathematical computations.

Power-plant Operator

What does an operator do at a power plant?

Operators start and stop equipment. They respond to the abnormality, determine the causes and take corrective action. Power distributors and systems operators control the flow of electricity as it travels from generating stations to substations and users.

Is a power plant operator a hard job?

What is the workplace of a power plant operator? Operators who work in control rooms sit or stand. The work is not strenuous, but requires constant attention. Outside of the control room, workers can do rounds, check equipment and do other work.

What skills do you need to be a power plant operator?

  • Concentration Skills
  • Detail Oriented
  • Dexterity
  • Mechanical Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

What does a medical diagnostic sonographer do?

A sonographer uses sound waves and equipment to create images of parts of the body that are not visible on a mammogram. They are trained to look at sonographic images. Doctors use these images to diagnose and treat many conditions.

Is a diagnostic medical sonography a good career?

The sonography profession was ranked as the fifth best health support job. Diagnostic medical sonographers will see a 19.5 percent employment growth over the next ten years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sonographers say that their profession is rewarding.

How many hours does a diagnostic medical sonographer work?

Full-time workers work an average of 41 hours per week. Age: The average age is 39 years.

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